History has always been plagued with a hierarchical, top-down society that pits the majority against the few. The few seem to always control the resources and use them to their benefit rather than for the social benefit of all. There are plenty of examples of revolution in history that illustrate that society can be radically changed. These revolutions  are not quick, but rather they take decades of people fighting, sometimes violently, the powers in our world in order to make a better society. This can be seen at the end of the feudal era when the peasants wanted to be able to take their destiny from the feudal lords and control it for themselves. In came capitalism.

More recently, though, another variation to capitalism, which seems to be void of all ethics, was the neoliberal ideology that came after WW2. Society has now become a “bonanza for big corporations and private investors…” and “…bad news for the rest of us – and for the public good. Our resources and the environment are under threat. Our health care and other public services are being cut and privatized. Our jobs and the promise of a living wage are being steadily eroded.”

While the Council of Canadians believes in peaceful protest and non-violent civil disobedience, we work on a plethora of issues directed at solving the issue of inequality. We believe that a better world is possible and that it must be modeled in our movement. This is done through peaceful demonstrations, letters, educational lectures, street theatre, watching informative videos, etc.

National Issues

The National Office guides Chapters in their events by providing them with information regarding a specific issue. That means that while there is a national campaign regarding an issue does not mean the local Chapter does not act in support of the issue as well.


Canada is known for its democracy and how it is important to every Canadian in the country. It is more specifically known as Parliamentary Democracy, where all MPs, including the Prime Minister, are equal, all are elected to represent their constituents, and that, even though a Prime Minister with a majority government can gather up all the levers of power, the Parliament is ultimately supreme. All of this relates to Canada’s other distinguishing feature—that we are a constitutional monarchy.

It is an important political and social feature of everyone’s life, essentially dictating how we live in society. Having the right to vote is something that should be seen as sacred because we are able to shape the future of our country to reflect our morals. see more…

Health Care










Red Deer Issues


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