Protect our water from #fracking with @CouncilofCDNs

Fracking – also known as hydraulic fracturing – is one of the biggest threats to clean water. It’s a process to extract natural gas or oil trapped in shale rock and coal beds. Using millions of litres of water, thousands of kilograms of sand, and thousands of litres of unknown chemicals, fracking companies blast apart rock formations. They then have to dispose of the toxic wastewater, potentially jeopardizing our clean water and our health.

Clean water and sanitation are a basic human right. The UN General Assembly and the Canadian government have recognized it as such. Now it’s time for us to uphold this right by banning fracking.

Tell the federal government to ban fracking and protect the human right to water in Canada. Sign the Council of Canadians’ petition now.


About Council of Canadians, Red Deer and Area

The Council of Canadians Red Deer chapter is part of a national grassroots organization of committed individuals, like yourself, that work towards a greater society for all people. There has been an unprecedented growth of inequality since the development of neoliberal ideas in the political and economic realm, and we as an organized group, want to stand up to our government and big business leaders to tell them it does not have to be that way. We are here to educate and create awareness of the many different issues that effect all of us in the present and the future.
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