@CPC_HQ fails to defraud Canadians of lawyer costs in #electionfraud case

Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley has ruled that the applicants in the recent high-profile election fraud legal challenge will not have to pay the Conservative Party $355,907 in legal costs, ruling on a reimbursement request that was filed this past June.

In the Conservative’s bid to commit “trench warfare” (called by the judge) by delaying the court, thus increasing the costs to the applicants and ultimately Canada’s democracy, they were unable to garner the reimbursements from the high-profile election fraud challenge.

The judge made his decision based on the fact that, “the applicants in this matter were genuine public interest litigants motivated by a higher purpose” who “stood to gain nothing other than the vindication of their electoral rights.”


About Council of Canadians, Red Deer and Area

The Council of Canadians Red Deer chapter is part of a national grassroots organization of committed individuals, like yourself, that work towards a greater society for all people. There has been an unprecedented growth of inequality since the development of neoliberal ideas in the political and economic realm, and we as an organized group, want to stand up to our government and big business leaders to tell them it does not have to be that way. We are here to educate and create awareness of the many different issues that effect all of us in the present and the future.
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