What’s the deal with Europe and CETA?

In case you are unaware (which would be no surprise because of the secrecy behind this deal) CETA  stands for the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement between Europe and Canada. It is not just about trade though. This agreement will allow companies to sue municipalities and Canadians companies for creating policies that go against their bottom line and increases the privatization of our public services.

The Red Deer City Council has already passed a motion to not agree to this (http://www.canadians.org/node/4471), mainly because when they requested information on the CETA, they were not given any. When an agreement has such a huge effect on the municipalities, they deserve information to be kept updated because they too represent the people.

“Harper is under enormous pressure from corporate lobby groups and the media to do whatever he has to do to get a deal done with Europe. What will this cost our public services, the environment and local democracy?”

Read more to see what you can do to prevent this: http://www.canadians.org/ceta-deal


About Council of Canadians, Red Deer and Area

The Council of Canadians Red Deer chapter is part of a national grassroots organization of committed individuals, like yourself, that work towards a greater society for all people. There has been an unprecedented growth of inequality since the development of neoliberal ideas in the political and economic realm, and we as an organized group, want to stand up to our government and big business leaders to tell them it does not have to be that way. We are here to educate and create awareness of the many different issues that effect all of us in the present and the future.
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